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Eggsational Shapes Match-Up | Educational Toy

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Style - Shapes

Eggsational Shapes Match-Up is a versatile educational toy that offers an exciting range of matching shapes, including Alphabets, Numbers, Dinosaurs, Shapes, Fruits, and Vehicles. 

Develops independence, color recognition, attention span, and self-discipline.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

Boosts Memory and Brainpower

Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness

Long-lasting Engagement, makes them forget about phones

Fosters Independence and Self-Discipline

🔷 Eggsational Shapes Match-Up

Shape matching activities offer a well-rounded learning experience for toddlers, supporting their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development in a fun and engaging way.

🦕 Eggsational Dinosaurs Match-Up

Fun and interactive way for young children to explore the world of dinosaurs while developing essential skills for their overall growth and development.

🚙 Eggsational Vehicles Match-Up

By matching different vehicle shapes, toddlers learn to identify and name various types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, planes, boats, and more.

🍎 Eggsational Fruits Match-Up

Matching fruit shapes helps toddlers become familiar with different types of fruits, their names, and appearances. This activity promotes fruit awareness and encourages healthy eating habits.

🆎 Eggsational Alphabets Match-Up

Matching alphabet shapes helps toddlers become familiar with letters of the alphabet, their names, and their forms. This activity is crucial for building early literacy skills.

🔢 Eggsational Numbers Match-Up

Matching number shapes helps toddlers become familiar with numerals, their names, and their forms. This activity is essential for building early math skills.

🔄 Eggsational All in One Bundle 

Get your toddler ready for school 

By engaging in color matching and shape fitting activities, your toddler can develop new neural pathways, making their school experience a breeze.

Safe and Play

Eggsational Match-Up toy features smooth edges, meet Australian standards, and are built to withstand all the banging, throwing, and stepping.

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