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Dinosaur Plush Pillow Dolls

$39.99 AUD
Color - Blue

Dinosaur Plush Pillow Dolls are the perfect gift for any child who loves to hug and cuddle.

Super soft dinosaur plush doll, small plushie, baby stuffed dinosaur, birthday stuffed dinosaur with soft down cotton inside.

It feels soft and delicate, really comfortable, very cute, and flexible. Your child can hug it to sleep or play with it.


🔘 The plush toy is made of soft plush fabric and PP cotton filling.

🔘 It has excellent properties in terms of elasticity and bulkiness, and stuffed dinosaurs.

🔘 Cute plushies are not afraid of extrusion and deformation and have a soft and delicate touch.



The peaceful, Dinosaur Plush Pillow Doll is the perfect substitute for a slumbering parent. Its soft and comforting body can soothe your child to sleep while they rely on its warmth in their last few hours of independence before toddlerhood begins!


  • Folklore plush dinosaur, super stuffed plush dinosaur, and dinosaur plush brontosaurus are perfect gifts for children's birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, etc.
  • These cute little dinosaur stuffed animal toys can inspire children to explore the world of dinosaurs and are good playmates.
  • You can also place it as an ornament on sofas, cars, bedrooms, children's rooms, etc.




🧸 Wash with water and dry 
🧸 Available in 2 sizes 5 different colors
🧸 Stuffed animal with fulfilled PP cotton
🧸 Suitable for all age range 

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